Welcome to my website. I hope that you stay a while and visit all 20 of the individual Galleries or Folders which exhibit over 650 photographs. This site is dedicated to photography of the beauty in the world around us.....as majestic as the sunrise and as surprising as the smallest flower. Feel free to use the "Thumbs" button, especially if you see something that you like.

Since my retirement in 2003, I've been fortunate enough to have travelled to several foreign countries and to many locations in the western U.S. Although I've recently moved to Utah, I'm a native east coaster and found many opportunities to photograph in the southeast so that you'll see a wide variety of subjects in my work. You'll see a sunrise in the North Georgia mountains and a sunset on the plains of South Africa....An early morning and a sunset in Yellowstone National Park.....Wildlife shots of a Zebra, a White-tailed Deer, a Bison and a Garden Spider!

As you'll notice, I've set up several Nature Categories, including Vistas, Scenes (mostly nature), Animals (including birds and other critters) and Flowers. I've usually separated these into horizontal (landscape) and vertical (portrait) subgroups and I've provided additional subgroups for panorama and square formats where appropriate. Recently, I visited some extraordinary places in Nevada and around the Utah/Arizona border and decided that they deserved Galleries of their own. I've also added several Galleries dedicated to Our National Parks.

Please spend some time and, at the conclusion, I hope that you'll agree that photography takes you to great places and encourages you to notice and appreciate the world around us. Thank you for visiting.

Jack Grosko

Contact: groskoj@bellsouth.net or (404)358-0754